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Curated Meditations for Stress, Sleep & Well-Being: From Certified Teachers

Welcome! Ready to meditate? Discover meditation practices inspired by ancient traditions, supported by modern science, and infused with trauma-informed mindfulness principles. These carefully crafted meditations, hand-picked by certified meditation teachers, are designed to help you find more peace, clarity, and self-love. Whether you're seeking better sleep, reduced stress, more positive feelings, or a deeper connection to yourself, explore a meditation to support your well-being.

You'll find elements of those and more in the guided meditation recordings:

  • Mindfulness of Breath meditation
  • Mindfulness of Sound meditation
  • Mindfulness of Thoughts and Emotions Meditation
  • Mindfulness of Body Sensations (Vipassana Insight Meditation)
  • Metta or Loving Kindness meditation
  • Yoga Nidra and Non Sleep Deep Rest

Happy Meditating!

Yoga Nidra for Healthy Sleep: Guided Deep Relaxation Meditation 

Struggling to wind down? Fall asleep faster or take a restful pause with this Yoga Nidra-based practice from the ancient tradition of Yogic Sleep. This meditation technique is a powerful, science-supported way to slow down our brainwaves and access the deeper states of relaxation - fast. It works by taking you to the border state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, helping you melt away stress and prepare for restful sleep.

Adapted from the teaching of Swami Satyananda Saraswati. This NSDR version is inspired by the work of Neuroscientist Dr. Huberman.

Scientific evidence of Yoga Nidra Meditation

Research indicates that Yoga Nidra effectively reduces insomnia, helps to manage stress, improves sleep quality, and may decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Loving Kindness: 2,500 year old meditation to feel good

Struggling with negative thoughts? Stuck in self-criticism? Ready to cultivate more joy? Try Metta or Loving Kindness Meditation, a heart-centered practice to foster love, compassion, and dissolve negativity. This 2500-year old technique is perfect when you want to feel good and cultivate gentle kindness.

This beautiful and gentle practice combines mindfulness of the breath, receiving and sharing Metta (a Pali word for "loving kindness") through phrases like "May I be free from suffering. May I live with ease" that can be adapted to your particular circumstances. Metta is one of our favorite meditation practices that helps us break free from negative thoughts, brings in heart-felt gratitude and gentle friendliness toward oneself and others. That's why we like to call it a Feel Good meditation.  

Scientific evidence of Loving Kindness Meditation

Studies have found that just seven minutes of loving-kindness practice boosts a person’s good feelings and sense of social connection as mentioned in Altered Traits. Researches have also found that it may reduce self-criticism and emotional suffering experienced in PSTD

Mindfulness of the Breath Meditation for Calm & Focus

Your anchor to the present moment. This classic mindfulness meditation guides you to connect with your breath, reducing stress and promoting peaceful awareness. Perfect to use during the day whenever you feel the need to pause and recharge.

Scientific evidence of Mindfulness of Breath

Mindfulness of breath is supported by extensive research demonstrating its benefits in reducing stress, improving focus, and enhancing emotional regulation.

Guided Meditation for Heartbreak, Healing & Release of Attachments | Self Love

Find solace and nurture yourself during difficult times. This meditation will guide you through a loving kindness practice infused with 417Hz music, the frequency of cleanse and renewal, to help you heal on a deeper level, bringing a greater sense of peace, support and well-being.

Scientific evidence of Heart Coherence Meditation

Rooted in the scientific research on heart coherence and compassion training, it will guide you to create a safe, nurturing space within yourself as a way to retreat, release old energies, and transform into the best version of yourself. You will emerge feeling rejuvenated and ready to move forward on your path towards healing and growth.

Illuminate Me: a Journey to Inner Radiance for Energy & Mood Boost 

Tap into your inner light and vitality. This unique fusion meditation blends ancient mindfulness practices – breathwork, body scans, and powerful visualization – to gently guide you into a deeper state of peace, calm and infinite possibilities.

Imagine a warm glow enveloping you as you journey through your being, illuminating every part with soothing light. Feel stress dissolve, clarity emerge, and a deep connection to your vibrant inner source ignite. Step out of this tranquil sanctuary feeling rejuvenated, expansive, and ready to take on your day.

Scientific evidence of Body Awareness and Visualization in mindfulness

While more research is needed to explore the unique benefits of combining body scan meditations and visualization, both mindfulness practices have shown promising results in improving cognitive performance, reducing stress, and enhancing overall well-being.

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Custom-Made Meditations

Looking for a custom-made meditation tailored to your specific needs and preferences? We would love to create one for you! Drop us a line!

Ollie Pinn - meditation teacher

Ollie Pinn is a California-based meditation teacher and mindfulness facilitator with globally-inspired practice rooted in ancient traditions of Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Vipassana Insight Meditation paired with latest neuroscience-backed teachings of Mindfulness. She explores and shares simple and effective practices for bringing more calm, peace and well-being to everyday life.


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